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All You Need to Know About US College Tennis Scholarships

Obtaining a tennis scholarship to play college tennis is probably the most important aspect in the minds of the recruit and their family. In this article, we will cover all the important things to know about how scholarships work and how you can position yourself best for obtaining the scholarship. Our primary objective in creating this blog is to provide relevant and important notes for college tennis scholarships and college tennis recruitment guide. You can easily sign up for us college tennis recruitment services to avail services like, NIL guide, college tennis recruitment guide and athlete webpage for just $120/Year. 

But first, let’s get to know the terms.   
•Scholarships Per Team: The governing bodies allow a maximum number of total scholarships in a team. But a team can have lower than the maximum allotted amount.   
•Headcount Scholarship: NCAA DI women’s tennis is a headcount scholarship sport. Headcount scholarship means that individual scholarships cannot be divided up. NCAA DI women’s sport has 8 full scholarships in a fully funded institution and those 8 would be awarded to 8 players.   
•Equivalency Scholarship: Equivalency scholarships provide college tennis programs to divide up their scholarship budget however they see fit each year. This means that a fully funded Men’s NCAA Division I and II programs can take the 4.5 full-ride equivalent scholarships and divide the budget to award a partial scholarship to each athlete on the roster. College coaches can also choose to award larger scholarships to fewer roster holders, which would leave some athletes with no financial funding. Programs that aren’t fully funded have fewer than 4.5 equivalency scholarships. Starting August 1, 2020, teams in equivalency sports like men’s tennis will not have any athletes’ need- and academic-based aid count against a team’s maximum athletic scholarship limit. Before this rule change, athletes had to meet certain criteria for their additional aid to not be counted against the athletic scholarship limit.  


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