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The most popular hardwood flooring choices

The most commonly used tree species for flooring grow in Central Europe, South Asia, Africa or South America. Let's take a closer look at the different types of wood, and compare their qualities and characteristics.


If we ask the question which wood is most often used, the answer is very quick and easy - this is the oak. Oak is characterized by its extraordinary beauty and durability. It's hard not to notice it, and it attracts attention with its bright structure. Oak is considered the ideal choice for hardwood flooring due to its functional characteristics and its hardness.

Oak wood has a strong yellow-brown hue. The colorful oak has beautiful spots and is especially suitable for spacious bright bedrooms and living rooms. White oak, so beautiful before polishing, can turn gray. If you choose red oak, it will give a very good contrast to the room and will go well with any furniture.

Over time, the oak begins to darken, but this can only give the floor a noble hue.


Ash wood has a high density, even higher than the oak. The structure is quite similar to that of the oak. Ash gives the interior of the home a slightly golden hue and the rooms can look very bright and spacious.

Unlike all other types of wood it is very hard and elastic at the same time. Parquet can be obtained sufficiently light and uniform. It is a dense and strong wood, but it can bend well, without a tendency to crack, and at the same time it is strong and durable, almost without deformation.


The peculiarity of this wood is the absence of a clear structure, while on the other hand it is very smooth. Unlike oak, it has a lower density and is therefore easier to handle. Beech can be sanded and polished perfectly.

The color of the wood is light with light red and yellow shades. If we look at it in sections, we will see small dark lines that add chic and increase the decorative quality of the material.

In terms of durability, beech has no equal, but it can absorb moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to varnish, otherwise the wood will quickly lose its beauty.


This hornbeam wood is very original, has a special light and refined shade. It looks great, mostly because the fibers are not clearly visible. In terms of strength, hornbeam is not inferior to beech, it is easy to work with, and its processing is fast. In addition, the cost of the material is relatively low.

Hornbeam is a heavy wood and has a yellow-white hue, which is very suitable for creating an imitation of dark types of wood. But there is one drawback - the wood after drying is easily split.


This tree has small veins and a reddish-brown tinge. It is difficult to process and takes more time to polish and varnish. The so-called "eyes" have a special unique look, so often the walnut is cut into long boards, from which a beautiful floor is made.

Walnut is distinguished by its density and exceptional hardness. Due to its beautiful texture and color, this flooring can be perfectly processed and polished.


Maple has a light pink-gray hue, compact structure and slightly more noticeable, very delicate and unobtrusive threads. After a while, the maple acquires a yellow tinge. The radial cut makes it look great.

Maple has almost all the qualities that oak has - high strength, hardness and density of the material. Due to these characteristics, maple is one of the most popular species for wood flooring. It is worth noting that maple can be perfectly polished, and can serve as a basis for imitation of rare species of wood with a similar structure.


An original rosewood, which is also a popular hardwood flooring option. Cherry is a decorative material that has a warm shade, sufficient density and over the years changes its natural color to darker shades.


Birch is a special wood, which is slightly gray with a red tinge, and a slight yellow line can be traced. This material is not very hard, but at the same time it is quite homogeneous and can be processed very well. Birch has a high degree of resistance to splitting. Wood can be polished and impregnated with various antiseptics, and used as a basis for more valuable species. In order to keep it in good condition, the floor must be varnished.


Bamboo parquet is obtained as a result of thinly cut strips of bamboo, treated with a special solution, which are glued together. The disadvantage of this flooring is that it can not be sanded.

It is worth noting that this flooring is very durable, and the level of wear resistance is much higher than that of oak flooring. Bamboo has straw - golden color, and there are darker shades of small stripes.


This flooring is distinguished by its bright, saturated and very attractive color. It stands out as one of the most reliable materials as it is really hard and durable.

In addition to all the above options for hardwood flooring, ebony, alder, dusi and many other wood species are actively used.

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